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NeXTcloud, The Future of Web

Start using next cloud instead of your current web hosting platform

NeXTcloud, a modified version of own Cloud, is a file-sharing server that, like the Dropbox service, allows you to keep your personal content, such as documents and photos, in a centralized place. NeXT Cloud differentiates in that all of its functions are open source. It also gives you back control and security over your private data, eliminating the need for a third-party cloud hosting service. Some NeXTcloud features:

File Management

Device Syncing, Web Interface, File Type Support, Search, Mobile Apps


File following, File Sharing, Simultaneously Editing, Change Tracking and Audit Logs


User and Role Management, Single Sign-On, Policies and Controls, Device Management, Storage Limits, Storage Zones, Security

Let’s dive into the core part!

File Management

Nextcloud, The Future of Web
Device Syncing

Provides features for managing file syncing between PCs and mobile devices, ensuring that files are up-to-date regardless of who or what device they are updated on.

Web Interface

A web interface allows NeXTcloud users to view documents via a web interface without installing an application on a device.

File Type Support

Support for all necessary file types, including but not limited to Google Docs, MS Office, images, videos, and so on.

There are many ways to find files using search engines. Files can be frequently found using a simple and/or advanced search.

Mobile Apps

Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone allow users to perform the same tasks as they would on a PC.

Collaboration of NeXTcloud

File following

Updates, additions, deletions, and moves are all easily detectable with this tool. Users will be notified when any of these events occur.

File Sharing

Allows users to share individual files or folders with people both inside and outside the organization. The ability to grant edit- or view-only authorizations

Simultaneously Editing

NeXTcloud Users can work on files at the same time as other users.

Change Tracking and Audit Logs

Provides a modify audit log and allows users to revert to a specific version.

Administration in NeXTcloud

User and Role Management

NeXTcloud Allows administrators to provide permissions according to the roles of the application. It is simple to add and delete users.

Single Sign-On

Adding and removing team members from Active Directory/SAML-based authentication providers

Policies and Controls

The ability to manage file/folder access by user or group, external sharing rights, editing policies, device location restrictions, sharing by device, and so on

Device Management

Administrations can restrict file access by device in the event of lost/stolen devices or users who no longer work for the company. It may also be possible to remotely wipe data from devices.

Storage Limits

Administer can set limits on the storage space allocated to individual users or groups.

Storage Zones

NeXTcloud is a great choice for storing files if users want to keep them secure and accessible from anywhere.


Stores and transfers files in a secure environment, ensuring the information is protected from unauthorized access.

In general, nextcloud is ideal for small companies and individuals looking for a cloud-based solution for their data. It’s simple to set up and use, and it’s stored with helpful features. Many users enjoy NeXTcloud’s user-friendly interface and ease of use. The platform has the latest and most intuitive design that is simple to use, and it offers a variety of features for file syncing, sharing, and collaboration. This ease of use will contribute to NeXTcloud’s popularity among people, teams, and organizations of all sizes.

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