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9 Best Nextcloud Apps That Make Your Daily Work Easy

There are too many Nextcloud applications for various purposes. You can optimize your cloud and work more efficiently by making the correct choice. We did some research to find the best nine Nextcloud applications, and they include tools for daily use as well as more specialized organizational tools.

Here are the apps based on research that will help you work more efficiently.

  • Forms
  • Mail
  • News
  • Deck
  • Notes
  • Tasks
  • Password
  • Only office
  • Mastodon


Nextcloud form

Nextcloud Forms allows you to create as many forms as you want, with as many questions as you want, and share them with as many people as you want – there are no restrictions. The Forms app offers a wide range of question types, including checkboxes, multiple choice, dropdowns, short answers, and long text.

Nextcloud is where you save your form and the data you collect. With our beautiful and informative graphs, you can easily analyze and share the results.


Nextcloud Mail is a pre-installed application that allows you to manage your email through the Nextcloud application. Nextcloud Mail appears to be a useful feature for centralized email access. Mailvelope can also encrypt emails for increased email security. With the best VPS, you can get root access, great performance, and security customized to meet your requirements.

Nextcloud Mail


Nextcloud News

News is an easy and highly useful app. It guarantees that you are up to date on all Nextcloud and its app-related news and changes. News can be synced with apps like CloudNews, Fiery Feeds, Newsout, OCReader, or RSS Guard, and it also functions as a Nextcloud RSS/Atom feed reader.

The software is compatible with both desktop PCs and smartphones. The structure is relatively easy and simple to follow. As a result, you won’t be missing any up-to-date community conversations.


Nextcloud Deck is an excellent organizational tool that can also be used offline and permits the create numerous user accounts. Based on the Kanban board concept, the app offers a proper overview of tasks, intermediate statuses, deadlines, and open questions.

Nextcloud deck

Deck is one of the most effective Nextcloud apps, especially for working on bigger projects. It is extremely easy to use on a smartphone or desktop, and the overall layout is very clear and tidy. A real-time comment function enables all team members to communicate immediately with one another. Deck can also be used to add attachments.


Nextcloud Notes

Nextcloud Notes is a clearer and better Open-Source app that uses Markdown for text formatting, inline checklists, hyperlinks, and tables. It requires a Nextcloud server to function and is a little slow to boot up. The best thing is that Nextcloud Note is completely free


When you enable this feature, a new Tasks menu will appear in your Nextcloud apps menu. You can then add and delete tasks, change their title, description, start and due dates, and prioritize them. Users can collaborate on tasks.

Nextcloud tasks

CalDav can be used to synchronize tasks, each task list is linked to a Nextcloud calendar. Using the download button for each calendar, you can save your tasks as ICS files.


Nextcloud Password

Passwords is a convenient password manager that lets you handle all of your Nextcloud app, website, provider, and device credentials. Passwords, like what you might expect from such an app, prioritizes security, ensuring that your data is always secure.

The layout is very advanced and simple, and it provides beneficial password management. New identities can be added effortlessly, and exporting and importing operate without a hitch. As a result, Passwords simplifies working with Nextcloud apps and guarantees that all passwords are always up to date.

Only office

OnlyOffice is an amazing office App for Nextcloud and should be an essential for most users. The free software supports and edits all text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms. OnlyOffice, in contrast to other similar Nextcloud apps, OnlyOffice is Microsoft Office compatible and allows multiple users to collaborate on a document at the same time.

Nextcloud Onlyoffice

A real-time chat feature is also included to improve collaborative work. The Nextcloud app is available on both desktop and smartphone platforms. It is a great way to keep your files and data accessible from any device. As a result, OnlyOffice is the perfect Microsoft Office replacement.


Nextcloud Mastodon

There are numerous Nextcloud apps designed to connect specialized web applications. One of them are Nextcloud Mastodon integration apps that keep you up to date on activity in the Nextcloud account

Mastodon integration is the only stable Nextcloud app for connecting the social media platform at the moment. It provides easy access to notifications and the timeline from a Mastodon instance.

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