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Highlighted Reasons: Why GPT-5 Should Be Stopped 

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making the world transform. It has the potential to extend effectiveness, progress decision-making, and upgrade security. Recently, Open AI released a paper on how GPT (Generative Pre-Trained Transformers) will benefit some professionals’ work, and it shows around 49% of workers or professionals will be able to enhance their work performance through AI’s GPT. Sounds good? But what about others and their jobs, careers, businesses, and ethics? The dependency on GPT and questioning the fact of human creativity won’t lead to a better future for humanity.

We have all come to know how impactful GPT-4 is; this format articulates difficult questions more precisely, and all because of its greater ability to share information and solve problems. Due to GPT-4’s more advanced dialect processing capabilities, it will be able to better understand and translate human dialects, thereby improving the accuracy and appropriateness of tasks such as dialect interpretation, content synthesis, and testing of hypotheses. Then what will GPT-5 do? Are we ready to see people lose their jobs? Demeaning human capabilities and losing the ethical value of work?

Let us find out a few reasons why GPT-5 should not come to light:

Way too Advanced!

The widespread application of AI as a problem-solving tool raises concerns about job displacement and the diminishing demand for certain traditional degrees like history, business, and mathematics. In reality, practical experience often proves more valuable than what’s learned in formal education. Many students now rely on GPT for academic tasks, improving their academic performance. While AI advancements like GPT’s ability to solve coding and debugging issues might threaten traditional coding jobs, there’s potential for individuals with computer science degrees to transition into new, cutting-edge roles, reflecting the evolving landscape of employment opportunities.

GPT Dependency
Highlighted Reasons: Why GPT-5 Should Be Stopped  2

GPT-5 will be very foolish to rely on GPT forms solely, as they have their limitations too. It can solve many critical problems, but it also has limited information because it generates its information from the internet. If there isn’t any conclusive information on the internet, it likes to mess things up for you. The internet has diverse information on everything, and the authenticity of these pieces of information is questionable. And the bigger question is whether multiple answers can be true or which one is exactly prominent to the date. If people become dependent on GPT, then their work and creativity are likely to lose their essence.

AI The Super-Hero

In recent years, AI hype has been all over the place, and companies are making it a great deal easier to promote it as if it is the superhero human needed to save them from the misery of life. By visibly representing how great GPT-4 is and how great it will be in the future. People are getting hyped up because of all the greatness they are talking about, and everyone wants an easy life. GPT-4 has been promoted with all the possibilities in it, just to bring the idea of AGI (artificial general intelligence) next in line and to take over human intellectuality. It is like all those sci-fi movies are coming to life for real, where robots take over the human world.

AI Ruining Authenticity
AI Ruining Authenticity

As ChatGPT-4 added the new feature of AI-generated images, the internet is becoming more unreal. It is quite impossible to recognize whether the image on a social media account is real or fake. The accuracy of these images looks great, but how will you know if they were created by AI or simply by humans? Are we ready to be molded by AI and start to live in this virtual world for good? For instance, what if tech companies used AI features to promote and generate businesses, products, and brands? How will we know what is real or fake? If they mislead the number of likes, comments, and even views on the internet by using AI-fake accounts to fake engagement to boost their ad, there isn’t any chance we will know.

AI Level Phase

AI might be a warning for humanity, but we should not be afraid of it. As AI will have a leveling-off period, just like every other technology before, there will be no exceptional uniqueness. The algorithms are not that complex when you inspect the details; even with knowledge of Python, one can build their own GPT, but one needs to have an enormous level of computing power. Even though they are hyping after GPT-4, they will make more advanced features in their next GPT-5 or launch AGI for tech advancement, but theoretically, it is far to achieve for now. GPT-5 causes anxiety among some people due to concerns about its impact on privacy and ethical issues After all, AI generates its information from the internet, and there is an enormous amount of information that can go wrong within. AI itself sets its level within.

To sum it up, no matter how impactful AI is, human critical thinking is one thing that won’t be touched by AI. There is beauty in the human mind, and that is not replaceable. AI might imitate human beings but never be able to replace human intellect. The control of human insights is clear in numerous of our species’ accomplishments. Humans have made complex civilizations, created progressed advances (AI too), and made significant revelations about the characteristic world. We have created brilliant writing, music, and craftsmanship and built complex frameworks of arithmetic, science, and reasoning.

The reason for stopping AI’s further advancement is just to keep the human essence and not to create more problems in human life when we already have enough of it. The focal point of AI is functional mobility. As AI automates more tasks, it has the potential to displace workers, causing job losses and economic disruption.

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